2023 Supply Chain trends and forces to watch (part 2)

Supply Chain 2023 ACA

There are opportunities for supply chain professionals to thrive during this time of evolution, optimism, and innovation, and the emphasis will shift to greater decision-making and progress towards sustainability.

What key trends and forces will shape supply chains in 2023? Continuing on from our previous article, here is the second part of the list.

5 – Tools that are more agile and time-saving will replace Excel

It’s true that modern digital technologies are revolutionizing the way supply chain processes are being managed. From data-driven analytics to automated processes, these advancements are allowing businesses to improve their operations and optimize their supply chain in new and exciting ways.

6 – More than ever, supply chains must sense, plan, and execute changes quickly

To support the need for faster changes in supply chains, investing in the right technology is essential. Automation can help with the sensing, planning, and execution of changes, as well as provide real-time visibility into the supply chain.

7 – There is no longer a choice between speed and accuracy for supply chain planners

With the latest advancements in technology, it is now possible to have both speed and accuracy when it comes to planning and managing a supply chain. By utilizing automated processes and predictive analytics, supply chain planners can now make faster and more reliable decisions.

8 – Supply chains will be built digitally in order to empower people rather than replace them

Digital supply chains can empower people to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. By automating manual processes, digital supply chains can save people time and money, while still allowing them to have control over the process.

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